Terms and conditions


Governing laws for private persons are The Distance Selling Act (”Distansavtalslagen”) (see below concerning right of withdrawal) and the Consumer Sales of Goods Act (“Konsumentköplagen”), which have got strict provisions, meaning that these are ruling over whatever a private person may have agreed upon. Governing law for companies, including sole proprietorship, is the Sales of Goods Act (“Köplagen”), which is dispositive, meaning that agreements between enterprises apply primarily over the law.

We follow the Privacy Protection Law (“Personuppgiftslagen PUL”). When you, being a private person, enter your personal data, you also accept the fact that we store and use the information within our business so that we can fulfil our commitments to you. We will protect your personal data according to the Privacy Protection Law and you may obtain information about these data and have them deleted, whenever you wish. You also accept to receive an e-mail with a check list as a service from our side if you abandon the cart without completing purchase (see below under “Abandoned Cart”).

If any or one of the provisions contained in these purchasing conditions should be declared invalid under Swedish or EU law, the validity of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not in any way be affected, but the invalid provision be replaced by equivalent legal text.


If you have added items to the carts without completing the purchase, we will send you an e-mail with a check list showing the products which you placed in the cart, provided you:

  • are a subscriber to our newsletter,
  • or are a registered customer,
  • or otherwise have informed us about your email address.

This is an extra customer service in order to make it as easy as possible for you to place your order if you wish. You may recreate your cart with its items at any time, or let be. Observe that you need not act in any way if you do not wish to complete the order.

The price and availability of the products are based on the time when you put the products in the cart. We reserve the right to slightly modify prices in case the dates of various campaigns have expired.


If you are below the age of 18, you will need your guardian´s consent. Such consent can be submitted by a parent by sending his/her explicit permission to us by e-mail. All false orders till be tracked and reported to the police, and in case we suffer economic or other damages, we shall claim indemnity.



Once you have placed items in the shopping cart and go to checkout, the applicable payment method will be shown as well as whether or not VAT is included, and the VAT-rate applying when relevant. Delivery will be made within 30 days unless it is clear when placing the order that the delivery time is longer.

In addition to the price there might be freight charges. If so, they will be specified in the web shop’s checkout. Normally there will be no further charges but if so, it will be clarified during the ordering process.

Products in our web-shop may be marked with delivery indication. We shall have the right to delete non-deliverable products from your order and to reduce the price accordingly. If you wish to place an order for an equivalent product, it will be treated as a new order. It is possible to cancel an order until the point of time when it has been executed, i.e. when invoice or freight documents have been created. Delivery in part will be done only at your request and will result in further freight charges on your behalf.

The applicable delivery method will be seen in the check-out when you place the order. It is your responsibility to make sure that the address which you specified at the time of order is correct. Delivery will take place only within Sweden unless otherwise stated.


It is your responsibility to bail out the package at the delivery point within the time stated on the notice. If you are not able to receive the package on delivery or do not pick up your package at the delivery point, it will be sent back to us, and we may then charge you a reasonable fee for shipping and administrative costs. If this fee is not paid, it will be sent to debt collection.



You may modify your order of items in stock until the moment when the order has been executed. If the modification is approved, any price differences will be regulated according to the price, applicable at the time of change. Private persons have right of withdrawal according to what is said under the heading “Right of Withdrawal”.



A cancellation will not be valid until you have received a confirmation hereof from us. You may cancel your order without any cost for you until the moment when the order has been executed. After this date, companies must accept delivery. Private persons have right of withdrawal (see under the heading “Right of withdrawal”). Companies that cancel an order of a specially manufactured product must pay compensation for costs which have incurred before the cancellation and for loss of profit.



Private persons have a 14 day right of withdrawal according to the Distance Selling Act. There is no right of withdrawal if the total price to be paid is below 400 SEK. The right of withdrawal does not exist for:

  • goods which are not prefabricated and for which the manufacturing requires an individual selection or identification by the customer or which are clearly tailored according to the personal requirements of the customer
  • sealed goods which are not suitable for a return due to reasons of health protection and hygiene in case their seals have been removed,
  • goods that rapidly deteriorate or become too old,
  • sound and video recordings or computer software in sealed packaging in case their seals have been removed,
  • perfume and the like which have been opened,
  • newspapers, magazines or illustrations with the exception of subscription contracts.

You may examine the goods in the same way as in a physical store but if the product has been used or handled incautiously, so that it no longer can be sold as a new product, you are liable for compensating the web shop for the decrease in value of the product.

You may need to break the packaging in order to be able to examine the properties and function of a product, in which case the packaging should be opened as cautiously as possible and be returned together with the product. Please note that you have no right of withdrawal if the seal of a product has been broken.

Note that by law you must pay for the return shipping costs.

The withdrawal period starts the day you received the product. If you ordered multiple products, or the product you ordered will be delivered in parts, the withdrawal period starts when you have received the last product or the last part of the product. When using right of withdrawal, the product must be returned unused, undamaged and with unbroken box/seal/technical sealing.

If you wish to use the right of withdrawal, follow the instructions under “Customer Service”. You will without delay receive a confirmation that we have received your message, and after that we will determine whether or not you meet the conditions required for using right of withdrawal. You will then receive a reply by e-mail from us, in the given case with information on how to return the goods.

Upon receipt of the returned goods, the purchase price will be refunded to you within 14 days from the day we received the notice of withdrawal.

Services: If you have ordered a service, the withdrawal period starts on the day that we confirmed your order. If you have agreed that a service performance begins and the service performance has been completed, you will have no right of withdrawal, provided you have previously agreed to waive the right of withdrawal. You have no right of withdrawal if the service has commenced with your consent during the withdrawal period and the service because of its nature cannot be returned, the seal has been broken, or you have registered the license.


If you, being a private person, have received a damaged product or if we sent the wrong item, you must complaint about the goods promptly and at the latest within two months from the date you discovered or ought to have discovered the fault. Private persons have 3 years at most to make a complaint depending on the nature of the product and existence of a warranty.

If you, who run a company, have received a damaged or wrongly delivered product, you must complain immediately after you received the goods.

The following applies to both private persons and businesses: a damaged or wrongly sent product must be returned in the same packaging and with the same transportation company as when it was received, along with a detailed description of the fault.

Complaints should then be done by following the instructions under “Customer Service”.

If we are not able to send a new product to you within reasonable time, you will get a reimbursement of the return freight charge together with the amount you have paid for the damaged or wrongly delivered product.

Compability problems often occur between different products, and we therefore recommend that you find out as much as possible before you place an order, to avoid unnecessary costs.


We shall not be responsible for misprints or errors in information or specifications of goods and services which occur in our range of products.



Both parties shall be relieved from satisfying this agreement, if its fulfilment is precluded, or essentially disabled by circumstances beyond their control or circumstances which could not reasonably be foreseen. The following and similar circumstances shall constitute reasons for relief, provided they hinder or aggravate fulfilment of the agreement: fire disaster, war, mobilization, requisition, confiscation, currency restrictions, common scarceness of goods, deficit in means of transportation, strike, lock-out, power outages, deficits in driving means, and errors or delays caused by sub-contractor because of circumstance, mentioned in this paragraph, or other circumstance, which the parties could not possibly control, which either prevents or aggravates the parties’ fulfilment in such a manner that it could not be done other than to an unreasonably high cost.



The National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) provides free proceedings for private persons in case of dispute. It is our policy to follow the recommendations given by ARN.

Dispute between companies will be settled in district court.



Med anledningen av EU:s nya dataskyddsförordning, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) har våra köpvillkor med vår personuppgiftspolicy uppdaterats den 21/5-2018 (Se nedan)


Sekretess och säkerhet, personuppgifter samt cookies

Alla sidor där du lämnar personliga uppgifter vid köp är 100% säkra sidor (krypterad överföring). När du lägger din beställning hos oss uppger du dina personuppgifter såsom namn, adress och telefonnummer (Personnummer vid fakturabetalning). I samband med din registrering och beställning godkänner du att vi lagrar och använder dina uppgifter i vår verksamhet för att fullfölja våra åtaganden gentemot dig. Vi dokumenterar även kommunikation som vi har med dig via e-post, detta för att tillhandahålla den service som du förväntar dig av oss. Dina personuppgifter till tredje part lämnas ej ut.

Enligt Personuppgiftslagen (GDPR) har du rätt att få den information som vi har registrerat om dig. Om den är felaktig, ofullständig eller irrelevant kan du begära att informationen ska rättas eller tas bort.

Personuppgifter (GDPR)

Your Lashesförbinder sig att respektera och skydda dina personuppgifter och din personliga integritet i enlighet med gällande dataskyddslagstiftning (GDPR), branschregler och andra relevanta normer.
Alla personuppgifter som du lämnar till oss eller som vi får del av när du besöker vår hemsida eller köper våra produkter kommer att behandlas av oss i egenskap av personuppgiftsansvarig eller av våra samarbetspartners (Klarna, Swish, Paypal).

För att du ska kunna utnyttja våra tjänster behöver vi samla in och behandla dina personuppgifter. I denna Personuppgiftspolicy följer information om hur vi behandlar, lagrar och hanterar dina personuppgifter.

Uppgifter vi kan samla in direkt från dig omfattar namn, adress, e-postadress, telefonnummer, betalningsinformation, kommentarer vid beställningar och, om betalning sker mot faktura, ditt personnummer.
Behandling med stöd av ditt samtycke
Genom att lämna dina personuppgifter för att erhålla information från oss, vid förfrågningar om produkter eller tjänster godkänner du och samtycker till att vi behandlar dina personuppgifter i enlighet med denna personuppgiftspolicy.
Du kan när som helst återkalla ditt samtycke genom att kontakta oss. I sådant fall kommer vi inte längre behandla dina personuppgifter för de särskilda ändamål som du samtyckt till.
Behandling för att fullgöra våra åtaganden mot dig
Dina personuppgifter används av oss (Klarna, Swish, Paypal) för att fullgöra våra åtaganden mot dig och tillhandahålla en hög servicegrad. Det kan handla om att leverera de varor du beställt, avisera paketleverans via SMS, samt utföra kreditkontroll (för det syftet kan vi även spara uppgifter om dröjsmål med betalningar). Om några problem uppstår när vi skall leverera varor till dig kommer vi att använda uppgifterna för att komma i kontakt med dig.
För att uppfylla de ändamål för vilket uppgifterna samlades in kan dina personuppgifter komma att registreras, innehas (lagras), användas och överföras till våra samarbetspartners eller underleverantörer till oss enligt vad som anges nedan.
Vi kan komma att överföra dina personuppgifter till våra affärspartners som behandlar personuppgifter för de syften som beskrivs i den här personuppgiftspolicyn och som därigenom kan komma att ha tillfällig tillgång till personuppgifter. Detta sker alltid i enlighet med ett skriftligt personuppgiftsbiträdesavtal. Vi kräver vidare att våra affärspartners använder lämpliga säkerhetsåtgärder för att skydda och radera dina personuppgifter inom rimlig tid när de fullgjort sitt uppdrag.
Om dina uppgifter överförs till tredje land (exempelvis USA) säkerställer vi att någon av följande rättsliga säkerhetsåtgärder tillämpas: beslut om att ett land säkerställer en adekvat skyddsnivå, Privacy Shield mellan EU och USA, standardavtalsklausuler eller ditt samtycke. Uppgifter överförs aldrig till tredje land utan någon av dessa säkerhetsåtgärder.

För att kunna upprätthålla en hög servicegrad kommer uppgifterna att vidarebefordras till underleverantörer som anlitas av oss. Det innebär, exempelvis,

  • att dina uppgifter lagras hos våra leverantörer av IT-tjänster,
  • att vi vidarebefordrar personuppgifter till leverantörer och speditörer i samband med leveranser
  • att vi kan komma att dela dina personuppgifter med organisationer som kreditupplysningsföretag för tillämpning av kreditprövning, identitetskontroll, övervakning av kreditvärdighet och övertagande av fordran,
  • att uppgifter om ditt besök på vår webbsida överförs till Google i USA genom Google Analytics, uppgifter om skyddsåtgärder finns på support.google.com,
  • att personuppgifter kan komma att lämnas ut om det är nödvändigt för att följa gällande lagkrav eller krav från myndigheter, för att tillvarata rättsliga intressen eller för att upptäcka, förebygga eller uppmärksamma bedrägerier och andra säkerhets- eller tekniska problem, och Utöver vad som anges ovan förmedlar/säljer/byter vi aldrig dina uppgifter till tredje part för marknadsföringsändamål.

Rättelse, tillägg eller radering – Du har alltid rätt att få tillgång till dina personuppgifter och att begära att vi rättar eller uppdaterar dina personuppgifter, eller raderar vissa av dina personuppgifter. Radering sker under förutsättning att det inte finns några ekonomiska eller juridiska förehavanden mellan dig som kund och Klarna (t.ex. Obetalda fakturor), att det inte finns någon rättslig förpliktelse för oss att behandla uppgifterna eller någon annan laglig grund för behandlingen.

  • Begränsning av behandling och dataportabilitet – Under vissa omständigheter kan du begära att vi begränsar användningen av dina Personuppgifter. Du har också rätt att få tillgång till dina personuppgifter, i ett strukturerat och allmänt använt och maskinläsbart format, för överföring till en annan personuppgiftsansvarig.
  • Förfrågningar och klagomål – Om du vill utöva någon av ovanstående rättigheter eller om du har några frågor angående personuppgifter som innehas av oss, eller frågor om denna Personuppgiftspolicy, tveka inte att kontakta oss (för kontaktuppgifter)